This document sets out the ECPT Affiliated Membership Policy including requirements for membership and membership renewals.  It contains information for students, graduates, accredited practitioners, and supervisors in respect of membership throughout training and qualification, accreditation and reaccreditation and supervising ECPT students.


ECPT Membership Levels


ECPT have different levels of membership depending on where our members are in their training or career. (Please see overview of membership levels and costs at the end of this document).  The ECPT membership runs annually.  To become a member, visit the members website at https://ellesmerecentre.uk and register. You will be required to make an online/card payment (if applicable).  Once your membership has been authorised you will be able to access the members website and be entitled to the benefits listed for your level of membership. Members will receive a reminder annually when payment is due (if applicable).  Membership will continue to roll on until cancelled. 


It is each member’s individual responsibility to ensure they have the correct level of membership and that they access the benefits available to them within the membership year as benefits may not be rolled into the next membership year.


Level 1 – In Training Membership


Current Students


All our students are required to become members at this level throughout training. Membership includes all support and administration to complete all training requirements including marking of all assignments, pastoral support etc.  Also 2 hour seminars (some elements may be used towards Mental Health Familiarisation Placement if required). Also access to the members website which includes information, policies and resources. Use of library and access to Taylor & Francis Online (Journals) and The British Journal of Psychotherapy.  Members will remain at this level of membership until such a time as they complete training and gain qualification (unless taking time out of training).   As well as being a member of ECPT it is also an option to join UKCP independently – although this is not mandatory, we recommend our students join UKCP for the extra benefits available – please see UKCP website for further details.


Level 2 – Holding Membership


Students/Graduates who have completed training who are accruing hours prior to qualification/accreditation


This level of membership is for students who have completed training and all requirements for qualification except the number of practice/therapy hours required. Members are not in formal training but will be completing placement or personal therapy hours to the required number to gain qualification.  It is also for graduates wanting to gain accreditation but needing to build up hours to fulfil the requirements for accreditation. ECPT feel it is important for our students/graduates to maintain a membership with us in order that we can provide support and containment whilst building up hours. 


Students who have completed training hours but with outstanding work. Students who have taken time out of training.


This level of membership is also for students who have not completed all work required to gain qualification or have chosen to take time out of training for health reasons, sabbaticals or changes in personal/professional circumstances.  Whilst out of training it is expected that students will complete outstanding work required (unless a student has chosen to take time out of training for another reason).


Time Limited


ECPT will allow students at this level of membership up to three years out of training to complete work for qualification.  After three years if students wish to return to training, each will be reviewed on an individual basis regarding what is needed ie APL, extra pieces of written work or a requirement for extra training. A senior trainer would meet with the student to discuss this and set out clear expectations along with time frames. Please be aware that after the three years students returning for training would only be eligible to APL up to 50% of previous training completed with us which may mean repeating training years. 


Cost for marking essays


For students taking time out of training, the cost of marking outstanding essays will be £50 per essay (this is extra to membership fee).


Membership includes 1 supervision with senior trainer (return to training interview), admin support and references.  It also includes discounted room rates, access to the members website, use of library and access to Taylor & Francis Online (Journals) and The British Journal of Psychotherapy. 


Level 3 – Accreditation Membership


Graduates going through the accreditation process


This level of membership is for graduates who wish to gain accreditation with UKCP.  This includes graduates of ECPT who have achieved ECPT Diplomas in Psychotherapeutic Counselling or Psychotherapy.


Membership includes 1 supervision with senior trainer and references. Also discounted room rates and access to members website. Use of library and access to Taylor & Francis Online (Journals) and The British Journal of Psychotherapy. 


Should graduates wish to join an accreditation study group this would be separate from membership and will incur a separate cost.


ECPT recommend that graduates going for accreditation consider joining an accreditation study group to support them throughout the process.


(Please see ECPT Accreditation handbooks for full details of requirements and procedures for gaining accreditation and how to access extra support).


Level 4 – CPD & Reaccreditation Membership


Accredited practitioners


This level of membership is for practitioners who have gained accreditation with ECPT.  Membership includes discounted room rates, references and access to members website. Use of library and access to Taylor & Francis Online (Journals) and The British Journal of Psychotherapy.


UKCP accredited registrants must remain registered with an Organisational Member (OM) for at least 12 months following accreditation in order to retain their UKCP membership. Generally, they would retain membership annually with their original accrediting OM and complete reaccreditation at 5 years. Please be aware that graduates who gain accreditation with us and wish to be on the UKCP register must also become a member with UKCP – please see UKCP website for details.


Sometimes a registrant will choose to leave their accrediting OM and become a direct member of UKCP and will then reaccredit through UKCP. Details of this process can be found in ECPT Reaccreditation Handbooks.  Please be aware that in order to become a direct member of UKCP, you would need to be a member of good standing with your accrediting OM until the direct membership application is complete.  This may require you renewing your annual membership with ECPT even if you will not require a full year’s membership.  If your membership with ECPT has lapsed, you would not be accepted as a direct member of UKCP.


(Please see ECPT Reaccreditation Handbook for full details for requirements and procedures for re-accreditation).


Registrants who have accredited with ECPT and then left to become a Direct Member with UKCP wishing to return to ECPT to complete their reaccreditation at 5 years would be required to join ECPT at level 4 for a year and pay the reaccreditation fee of £120


Level 5 – CPD & Reaccreditation/Supervisor


ECPT Accredited Practitioners/Supervisors


This level of membership is for practitioners who have gained accreditation with ECPT and also completed the ECPT Supervision Diploma (or in the process of) and supervise ECPT students. Membership includes inclusion on the ECPT Supervisor Directory, inclusion on the Therapist Directory, discounted room rates, references and access to members website (information and resources). Use of library and access to Taylor & Francis Online (Journals) and The British Journal of Psychotherapy. 


Supervisor members are required to attend an Annual Supervision CPD update training day delivered by ECPT (at additional cost).


There is an annual CPD record template on page 9 for ECPT accredited members to complete each year to assist you with your 5-year reaccreditation process. This is optional and for your use only.  Your membership at this level is not dependent on completing the annual record.


Level 6 – Associate Supervisor


Qualified Supervisors who have not accredited with ECPT


This level of membership is for qualified supervisors who are not UKCP registered or did not accredit via ECPT and who wish to provide supervision to our students. It also covers qualified supervisors who are UKCP registered but not yet affiliated with ECPT. Membership includes access to the members website (information and resources) and inclusion onto ECPT Supervisor Directory.


You will have completed a recognised supervision training and hold professional membership with UKCP, BACP or other ECPT approved professional body. There is a requirement to complete an annual Supervision CPD update training day delivered by ECPT to maintain this level of membership and there is an additional cost for this.  Please contact ECPT admin or see ECPT website for details https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/workshops/


Supervision Training


ECPT offer supervision training and the award of Diploma in Supervision.  For non-UKCP members this training is accredited by the National Counselling Society. 

For UKCP Direct Members this training is accredited by UKCP. There is no requirement to become a member of ECPT to complete this training. However once completed if you plan to supervise ECPT students you would need to join either level 5 or 6 supervision membership.


For ECPT graduates who have gained UKCP accreditation with us and wishing to be entered onto the UKCP Directory of Supervisors on completion of the supervision diploma training, you will already hold level 4 membership with us and this will cover member college application costs.  If you are interested in supervising ECPT students and joining the Supervisor preceptorship scheme which includes accruing 2 years supervising experience to enable you to become a Training Supervisor, you would need to maintain level 5 membership each year. 


Other Information


Any student or graduate wishing to work towards CTA status is required to be a member of UKATA throughout the process.  This would be independently and not through ECPT – please see UKATA website for further information.


Please note the following information from UKATA: Should a student wish to take time out from training they would be required to retain their membership of UKATA if they wished to count any hours of psychotherapy/counselling practice they may accumulate during that time to count toward any eventual UKATA or EATA examination.  If a student should choose not to remain a member of UKATA during any such break they will not be able to count any training, supervision and clinical hours accrued during that time towards any UKATA or EATA qualification.


Renewal of membership


ECPT membership will be renewed annually.  Members will be reminded when their membership is due to run out and will be required to make an online payment (if applicable) to renew.  It is each member’s responsibility to ensure they are at the correct level of membership for their requirements and also to inform of any changes to personal information held.


Cancellation of membership


Members should confirm in writing that they no longer wish to be an affiliated member.  This should be forwarded to the ECPT Admin team.


Extra costs not included in membership


There may be situations or occasions where a student, graduate or accredited practitioner requires extra support or services which are not included within their membership.  On these occasions the member will be responsible for any extra costs incurred.


Please note ECPT membership fees are separate from Professional Body membership fees and costs incurred during accreditation or re-accreditation processes or further training (eg Supervision Diploma).


Should a past or current student, graduate or practitioner associated with ECPT but not a member wish to return for further training or request a service, they would be expected to pay for this service or support, and it may be more cost effective to become a member. Please contact our admin team for further information.

Last Reviewed:  1st February 2024